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Gourmet Chocolate Love

Artistry in gourmet chocolate delicacies for fine chocolate lovers, corporate gifts, wedding flavors, clubs.

Our Top 13 Stocking Stuffers For 2013

Posted by Norman On December 6th

So often, in the rush to complete a long holiday shopping list, stocking stuffers become an afterthought with people impulsively adding whatever little things they can get on the fly.

Remember good things come in small packages –- really good things! –- especially at Norman Love Confections. The Christmas stocking could very well be one of the main highlights on Christmas morning if you make it one. It just takes a quick visit to www.NormanLoveConfections.com, where we recently added a whole bunch of new Chocolate Specialties to our website. Once reserved for the Chocolate Salons in Fort Myers and Naples, Fla. only, these delicious treats are now available online for the first time ever and can be shipped right to you! Check out what’s new, as well as the popular items we make every year.

Here are 13 of our favorite stocking-sized treats to try this holiday season:

1. 5-pc Holiday Chocolate Gift Box – Five confections from our special holiday collection packaged in a beautiful green gift box with a holiday ribbon.

2. 5-pc Norman Love Confections BLACK™ Gift Box – Five single-origin dark chocolate confections packaged in a stunning black box.

3. Candy Cane Chocolate Gift Box -– Get all 10 special holiday collection flavors in an adorable candy cane-shaped gift box that will peak out of stockings on Christmas mornings.

4. Chocolate Barks -– In addition to our famous Peppermint Chocolate Christmas Bark, we have four flavors in white, milk and dark chocolate varieties, and three sugar-free barks.

5. Chocolate Bars -– Our chocolate bar offering has grown considerably! We now have nine different solid and gourmet chocolate bars, and three sugar-free options.

6. Nougat Bars -– These bars are in a category all their own. Check out our three delectable nougat bars.

7. Chocolate- Covered Specialties -– We’ve always had chocolate-covered nuts, and now we have a bigger variety of nuts, and chocolate-covered jelly beans, espresso beans and orange sticks.

8. Chocolate Shells -– Perfect for the beach lover, this gift features an assortment of colorful white, milk and dark chocolate solid seashell-shaped chocolates.

9. Chocolate Golf Balls –- This gift suits golfers to a tee, and it’s just the right size to fit in their stocking and their golf bag.

10. Caramel Popcorn We’ve folded fresh popped corn into golden caramel, adding a touch of sea salt, for the ultimate sweet, crunchy treat!

11. Chocolate Pops These fine gourmet chocolate treats have been the talk of our hometown for years, and now they are available for the first time online. Find out why locals can’t get enough of these!

12. Norman Love Confections BLACK™ Chocolate Bar -– Dark chocolate lovers will enjoy these uniquely packaged square chocolate bars from five different points of origin.

13. Sugar-Free Chocolate –- We have a variety of delicious sugar-free chocolate bars and barks that everyone agrees taste just as delicious as our other gourmet bars and barks.

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